Digital product design

Bringing together multiple disciplines to make digital products that users love.

We specialise in building MVPs from end-to-end, typically producing an app, backend system and promotional materials.

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Web apps
  • Websites and marketing
We built an MVP to help Frugl reach their first 18k users

Design sprints

Focusing on design and UX to make interactive visual prototypes for testing.

We often work in a short design sprint to create prototypes to validate ideas and gauge interest from investors.

  • Interactive prototyping
  • Design sprints
  • Startup consultancy
We designed prototypes to help NoMoreFiling raise over £150k in seed funding


Sam Lester

Sam Lester

Sam is a digital designer and web developer who has a solid background in digital design and plenty of industry experience.

His growing expertise in web technology, accessibility and usability has led him to work with clients both big and small including well-known brands like ITV, Sony Music and Southbank Centre.

James Keal

James Keal

With an educational background in product design, coupled with industry experience working as a graphic designer James has worked on a wide variety of creative projects.

This multidisciplinary approach has provided him with a solid foundation to tackle any brief, drawing upon a well-refined design process.

Sam Lester

Hassan Mahmood

Hassan is an iOS developer with a strong background in digital design. Before joining Inktrap he ran his own design and development agency producing MVPs for early stage startups.

Specialising in Swift, Hassan can take a prototype and bring it to life. When he's not coding he can be found riding the emotional rollercoaster associated with supporting Manchester United.

James Keal

Matt Gibbs

Hailing from Brunel University, Matt is working at Inktrap for his placement year as a Digital Product Designer.

Coupling experience from employers such as Google with educational and freelance work in Digital Design, Matt is well suited for any creative, design-oriented projects. He can also make a incredible Cosmo.


Front-end Developer

We’re looking for a Front-end Developer to join our growing team.

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