Hello HR is an online employee benefits system for startup businesses. We designed and built an MVP that allows founders to sign up and invite their employees to access discounts from the likes of Apple, Paul Smith and Virgin Active. After drawing a set of custom HR themed icons, we created a bold, recognisable logo optimised for animation and use on the web. The fully responsive web system is built using Ruby on Rails and includes multiple user levels, payment functionality and a content management system.

  • UI and UX design
  • Visual identity
  • Web app development
Hellohr 01@2X
Hellohr 02
Hellohr 03@2X
Hellohr 04@2X
Hellohr 05@2X
Hellohr 06@2X
Hellohr 07@2X
Hellohr 08@2X

Bespoke visual identity twinned with custom Ruby on Rails implementation

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