Warptalk is a new messaging app that can send time-delayed photos, text and video messages to friends and post to social networks. We designed and built the iPhone application from the ground up and created an innovative, motion-based brand identity modelled around the concept.

We worked closely with the Warptalk team throughout the app design and development process, helping them to clarify the idea and take it from a rough prototype to live on the App Store. As part of the project we produced wireframes, user flows, interface designs, interactive prototypes and led the development of the app using the native iPhone SDK and backend services.

We developed ideas for the brand identity and ultimately implemented a solution that uses a constantly-moving line to represent the present time. This lends the app a unique aesthetic that helps differentiate it within a crowded marketplace as well as helping users to distinguish between past and future messages. We implemented the new identity across the interface, iconography and promotional website.

We are now continuing our work as part of Warptalk team, delivering new features and promoting the product more widely.

  • UI and UX design
  • Visual identity
  • App development
Website App Store
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Conversation Screens 2
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Inktrap helped me take my idea to the next step through superb design that was both adaptable and competitive. They brought substantial experience and market insight to both the creative and technical aspects of the app development lifecycle whilst providing excellent service and co-ordination. Their continuous and honest feedback helped keep me on track and bring Warptalk to life.

Warren Wilkinson, Founder, Warptalk
Warptalk Animated Icon
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Warptalk Video Selection
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