Digital products designed by people who care

For over 8 years we’ve been helping technology businesses focus on their users, from early-stage to funding and beyond.

We do things properly, really caring about the impact our products have on the people who use them.

Life at Inktrap

Our principles

Partner with people

We work with our clients, not for them; collaboration makes better products.

Be transparent

We’re honest about our opinions and straightforward in our delivery.

Learn and improve

Like your product, our company is never complete. We reinvest in our team.

Solve real problems

Great design is about solving real problems, not making things look pretty.

Focus on the user

We work for your customers so we put the product first. No room for ego.

Meet the team

Adam Ascroft

Digital product designer, pizza eater, lifter of things.


Grace Forty

Project manager, cheese fiend, occasional photographer of beautiful people and things.

Laura Keen

Full-stack developer, aspiring book worm, partial to a bit of animal print.

Amy Williams

Digital product designer, Sunday roast enthusiast, full-time plant mum.

George Perry

Full-stack developer, lazy runner, bicycle builder.

Fatima Adoum

Digital marketer, film fanatic, thrill seeker.

Fergus Hannant

Digital product designer, music listener, semi-professional dog spotter.


Inktrap provide a very personalised service and make sure to understand a product fully before starting the actual design work. This is a service you will not get from any of the larger shops.

Florian Richter Founder, EveryStay

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