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1 Brave Friend is a social growth startup dedicated to changing the way we become a more compassionate, inclusive and progressive society. Paul, the founder of 1 Brave Friend, had noticed a gap in social media and how products like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are being used to learn about activism and social change. 1 Brave Friend would become a space that would improve peoples’ way of learning about creating a socially just society.
Paul was seeking investment to bring his vision to life, and this is where Inktrap stepped in. By hosting a remote two-week design sprint, we explored how the product would work based on user research and created a prototype to show potential investors and co-founders.


  • Education
  • Social Change

What we did

2-week design sprint, visual identity, UX/UI design, mobile-first design

Rapid prototyping allowed us to test quickly and make improvements


Our priority was to find out the struggles our target users encounter in existing social media products, and any friction encountered when learning about race, sexuality and gender. We conducted our international research remotely through video calls and using an online whiteboard tool. By conducting this research, we validated our assumptions of the user’s pain points and needs. We were also able to gain an insight into our user's challenges that they faced, through the method of affinity mapping the themes.

1 BF user interview script screenshot which informed their digital product design
Miro screenshot used in the UX design of the digital product design
User flow diagram listing the features in each step of the digital product

We interviewed 7 target users to help us identify the app's required feature set

From these observations, we were able to form connections and start defining features, allowing us to create wireframes for the product. We understood that mobile created a low barrier to entry for our users; which is why we decided to design for mobile. We ran a usability study with previous interview participants and then moved on to brand design. Once we had formed an identity, we focused on creating a cohesive UI style that we rolled out across the wireframes to produce a high-fidelity prototype that could be used in product pitches and for investment applications.

1 BF Menu
Branded UI prototype to wow investors


Our prototype demonstrated 1 Brave Friend's proposed features and the simplicity of the user flow, supporting the startup in seeking investment. Our simple—yet effective—brand identity helped illustrate how the product could exist in reality for investors, without needing much imagination on their part.

Images for the digital product's visual identity guide
1 Brave Friend logo design by Inktrap for the digital product design
1 BF Onboarding screens showing how we applied the visual identity within the digital product design

We created a fun yet clear visual identity for 1BF, designed to work well in an app


By utilising our tried and tested two-week sprint approach, we quickly and efficiently collected research and implemented it with design to form an interactive prototype. Our process helped Paul embark 1 Brave Friend on its journey to securing an interview with Bethnal Green Ventures; Europe’s leading early-stage 'tech for good' VC.

Pitch ready in just two weeks

We created a fully interactive, realistic prototype in a remote two-week design sprint

Real, meaningful user insights collected

Working quickly, we interviewed 6 people from our target audience to ensure the product included the correct features that users needed

Secured an interview with Bethnal Green Ventures

One week after working with us, 1 Brave Friend obtained an interview to pitch their idea


Inktrap took us from a vague idea to a strong prototype in a few short weeks. Their process was seamless. They complimented our team easily and quite effectively. We wouldn’t have gained such early traction without their foundational work.

Paul D. Founder, 1 Brave Friend

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