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Empowering users

Partnering with the EveryStay team and running through a sprint process, we were able to get to the core of why EveryStay is unique and where we can create value for their users. By focusing on their users' needs in what is an already competitive market we were able to create a product that empowers both hosts and guests to have more control over their holiday rentals than they would with rival platforms.

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Inktrap provide a very personalised service and make sure to understand a product fully before starting the actual design work. This is a service you will not get from any of the larger shops.

Florian Richter, Founder, EveryStay

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Open communication

We always look to remove any hurdles between the user and the tasks they wish to perform so encompassed this approach within EveryStay's design. Owners are free to communicate directly with their guests, creating a personalised service offering an increased amount of flexibility and trust between the two user groups.

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