Harley Therapy

Helping therapists reduce the time they spend on clinic updates


Harley Therapy connects therapist and those looking for help via a digital platform. The therapy on offer is both in-person at a variety of locations around London, and Skype sessions to patients across the globe.

We at Inktrap initially worked with Harley Therapy for a 5-day sprint and then on a continuous basis to create a fully designed app, as well as other marketing materials.


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What we did

UX/UI design, app design, 5-day sprints, ongoing retainer

Considering the therapist’s journey through the client management system

5 Day Sprint

As a digital product agency, we used our tried and tested 5-day design sprint format to deliver a production-ready therapist scheduling and client management mobile prototype. We suggested a 5-day design sprint as we understood the importance of trying out ideas and features quickly, and also being able to set the foundation to design and build a fully-finished app.

The solution was a web app with a focused feature set containing contextual prompts that only present themselves at the relevant time; for example, a summary form at the end of a session.

Your profile section of digital app
Different sections of the digital app

Additional Sprints

After a successful 5-day design sprint, we went on to work with Harley Therapy in a series of sprints to develop the way users book sessions. We also worked with the Harley Therapy team on their consumer website, as well as creating a product that could be branded by their clients to fit their brand for their employees.


Our work with Harley Therapy didn’t just end with multiple sprints, we worked with the Harley Therapy team to update their communications such as emails and social media assets. We also worked to create a social media campaign called ‘Choose Therapy’ which included a guide to wellness.

3 achievement badges earned
Motivating therapist through professional badges and reward system


Harley Therapy Grid
Making the process of finding the right therapist easier and quicker, for you

By using the short yet effective sprint process, we launched an MVP product as quickly as possible so that Harley Therapy could onboard existing and new therapists onto the platform.

Not only has it been a great success working with Harley Therapy, but we have also taken part in something bigger; making therapy easily accessible to people across the United Kingdom.

750+ therapists registered

Harley Therapy have over 750 therapists registered on their platform across the UK.

On-going relationship

After the initial sprint, we worked together for 3 more sprints to work on new features.

First MVP created in 5 days

From idea to functioning prototype in only 5 days!

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