Using healthtech to empower people in their journey to recovery


Orri is a specialist private clinic that helps people recover from eating disorders. Their team of experts create tailored treatment plans for each client and they offer both in-person and online support.

When we met Orri, they already had a digital platform that clients could use to message their personal care team and fill out forms. Although the healthtech platform worked, it was difficult to use and lacked some core features which clients needed to aid their treatment. We worked with their back-end team to redesign and build their client portal to better support their clients’ recovery journeys.


  • Healthtech

What we did

UX/UI design, front-end development.

Digital Product Design for Healthtech Digital Product Orri appointments treatment plan and care team screens
Transforming the platform into a feature-rich product designed with the user’s needs in mind.


We worked closely with the treatment team at Orri to identify how to improve the platform in a way that enhances client experience. We wanted users to feel more in control of their experience with Orri, so we introduced features that would allow them to view appointments and treatment plans. We also wanted to include a resources page that would give users access to various helpful material that supports them along their recovery journey.

Digital Product Design for Healthtech Digital Product Orri information consent screen
Digital Product Design for Healthtech Digital Product Orri information consent mobile screens

Designing for edge cases where users wish to revoke their consent with Orri enables users to take control of their journey to recovery.

We held regular meetings with Orri's back-end development and leadership team to make sure that our work aligned with ongoing, wider improvements at the practice.

We chose to build the front-end of the platform using React, starting the development process by splitting the designs into separate elements, creating reusable components. This made the project flexible, more efficient to work with and future proofed to support future changes. We chose a utility-first approach to styling the platform to make the code more widely usable and understandable for future developments.

Working with the back-end developers also ensured that the integration between front-end and back-end was as smooth as possible and that Orri's team could easily make amendments on the platform in the future. We also carried out thorough user and browser testing to make sure the new digital platform was fully responsive.

Digital Product Design for Healthtech Digital Product Orri eating disorder resources screen
The platform also contains lots of helpful resources to aid user's journey to recovery.


The feature-rich healthtech product is based on actual user needs and built to enhance the recovery journey of clients. Now the much improved tool also works on mobile, it’s easier to use and ready to scale as the platform grows.

Designed and built within 12 weeks

Multiple sprints meant we were able to design, test and launch the platform within 3 months.

Thorough testing

We carried out thorough user and browser testing to ensure that the new platform was responsive and performing to a high standard.

Ongoing relationship with Orri’s back-end development team

Working with the back-end team meant that the platform was designed and built to scale as Orri grow - making it easy to add new features in the future.


Inktrap fully understood our brief from the outset and clearly, project managed the build from start to finish. We got exactly what we wanted on budget and on time. Look forward to working with them again in the future.

Lucy Inmonger Chief Operating Officer, Orri