A data-driven insurance management system redesigned over three sprints

Digital dashboard showing driving data Notification list design Design of car showing where the monitoring box is located on car


Rideshur is an Insurtech startup that provides variable insurance rates to fleets based on data about each driver’s care and safety on the road. Fleet managers can monitor their performance and take actions to improve safety through Rideshur’s dashboard.

Mark, CEO and founder, had developed a solid technical platform and business with Rideshur, but knew there was much more value that the platform could provide to fleet managers through their digital dashboard product. Together with the Rideshur team, we carried out a series of consecutive design sprints, each focused on an area of the platform, or a completely fresh idea, to transform and upgrade the experience Rideshur provides to its users.


  • Finance
  • Insurtech

What we did

UX/UI design, front-end development, multiple design sprints

User journey
Understanding our users and their life experiences through mapped out journeys, flows and stories
Wireframes of dashboard
More wireframes for dashboard
Information gathering and idea creation


Taking the functionality of the existing Rideshur platform and the new features Mark had in his roadmap, we prioritised areas of the platform and created a plan for a set of three sprints that would build out a brand new platform in a focused and structured way.

We worked closely with Rideshur’s existing customers to validate the features and our designs at every stage of the sprints. This allowed us to focus the product’s new features on ensuring the platform was providing additional value to the current user base.

Design of dashboard
Dashboard items including search box, graph and statistics
Design of event & alert history list


Manage, monitor and understand drivers' care and safety with ease


The build took a total of 12 weeks, with the final product launching soon after to positive feedback from stakeholders.

Awards won

Rideshur have won multiple awards, since they can demo their product.

Designed and built in 3 months

Using an agile and focused approach we helped Rideshur launch quickly.

First MVP created in 2 weeks

Using our custom sprint process we created testable product in just 2 weeks.

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