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The TV Rights Exchange—also known as TRX—is a web-based TV rights negotiation platform, that has grown over the last few years to serve buyers and sellers of TV rights all over the world.

TRX approached the digital design studio Inktrap to work on several projects including a bespoke email campaign tool, an improved online negotiation experience, a mobile app to find programme availability as well as a visual identity refresh and website build.


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What we did

UX/UI design, app design, multiple sprints

Design for a TV show page
More designs from the digital platform
Landing page design example
Wireframe design for videos, graphs and calendars


As TRX had an existing web-based TV rights negotiation platform, we set to work by focusing on improving the current user experience for both buyers and sellers.

As the product had grown, much like the user base, we took a user-first approach. By speaking with the users of the current product and getting to understand how they worked, we were able to ensure the new and updated features worked were appropriate.

Landing page header design
Dashboard design
Digital design of messaging platform

Web App

Inktrap also helped TRX venture into new areas such as their first native iOS and Android app for TV rights executives. After gaining insights from current users, we found that buyers and sellers on the move needed to able to check rights information quickly and easily before and during their meetings.

Using our sprint process we held a one-day workshop where we went from research and concept to initial wireframes within a day. The work didn’t stop there, as we worked to produce a high-fidelity prototype in only two weeks, and then supported the development team for the implementation.

Wireframes of user journey
More detail of wireframes

Tv show information page mobile design, listing page mobile design, search page mobile design,
TRX’s catalogue app to enable users to plan and manage deals on the go
More mobile designs
Clean and easy to use UI making small screen activity easy

Marketing Site

Along with valuable improvements we had made to the TRX rights platform, Inktrap helped reposition the TRX identity so they looked professional and above all else, innovative in the tech space. The identity update involved stripping back the multiple brand colours to a single, brighter colour and developing a new visual style for the company. With an updated identity, we redesigned the public-facing website and email campaigns to get maximum value from the new modernised look.

Homepage design for the digital platform
Modernising their marketing site with the audience in mind


With a new look and feel, an industry-changing digital product, and a functional mobile app TRX have all the elements to change the TV rights sales and distribution industry forever.

801 hours clocked

We spent 16 months working alongside TRX.

5 new features launched

Multiple sprints meant we were able to design, test and launch new features.

BBC, Sky & Lionsgate approved

The TRX platform was used and approved by the biggest names in TV and film.

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