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Getting a deeper understanding of our users

Using our bespoke structure we held a two week design sprint. We worked with founder Felicia to carry out user interviews to fully understand the audience’s needs and pain points with current investment platforms. Through UX techniques such as empathy mapping and How Might We’s, we developed the needs and pain points into a set of measurable goals.

Vinco 2

A mobile-first approach

To make the VINCO product streamlined and focus on only the most important features, we took a mobile-first approach with our UX process. This meant prioritising the information we showed and displaying it in a clear way. With this focus at the forefront of our minds and an understanding of our users, we developed a comprehensive set of wireframes.

Vinco 4 New
Vinco 3 C

From low fidelity to high fidelity

Our wireframes demonstrated the full user journey; from discovering and comparing funds, to reviewing the success of your portfolio’s performance. After user-testing and validating the designs, the next step was to create, iterate upon and roll out a brand focused UI. Our mission was to ensure VINCO stood out from the crowd of corporate, outdated investment sites.

I cannot recommend the Inktrap team highly enough! Their work is fantastic, they go above and beyond to get the right result, and they are lovely people to work with. I look forward to continuing to work together!

Felicia Hjertman, Founder, VINCO