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Zeidler Counterparty Due Diligence dashboard - a legal tech product design IPFS component - a legal tech product design A Counterparty Due Diligence component - a legal tech product design A Zeidler Swift UI component a legal tech product design


Zeidler Group is a specialist law and fintech firm supporting the needs of the asset management industry through building innovative legal tech products. They needed to create a new digital service platform to improve client communication, automate manual processes, and deliver innovative new services.

Since 2016 we’ve been working closely with Zeidler’s in-house team acting as their product design team, designing tools that automate previously manual processes and provide self-service tools to their clients.


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What we did

UX/UI design, front-end development, ongoing retainer

Zeidler Swift's landing page UI - a legal tech product design
We've designed 15+ tools for Zeidler Swift and other supporting areas of the business


When we started working with Zeidler Group, their digital platform only had one module, Fund Governance, which showed only the registration status and documents for each fund. We redesigned this from scratch, adding new ways for users to browse the funds by country, type, and umbrella fund. We also developed the front-end, ensuring an accurate interpretation of the design, and allowing the platform to be used on mobile devices.

With this core functionality in place, we began working closely with the team at Zeidler to deliver more features and services for their clients, all through a single design language. We designed a wide range of modules for the platform, collectively streamlining the entire fund management process.

Components used in Zeidler Swift - a legal tech product design
Components combined to make larger modules - a Zeidler Swift product design
Component UI designs for the Zeidler Swift product design

Creating a library of components speeds up the design of new products

Process automation

Counterparty Due Diligence provides a simple way for asset managers to keep up with the legal requirements around the distribution of their funds. By creating questionnaires and requesting responses from asset managers, CDD automates this previously manual process.

As the product became more popular with clients, we helped expand the product with new features including tools to help clients identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) more easily.

The UI design of the Counterparty Due Diligence design tool - a legal tech product design
The UI mockup for a questionnaire approval process - a legal tech product design
The UI design of Zeidler Swift's UBO Engine tool - a legal tech product design

✨ A summary of the counterparty statuses in the CDD module

Document generation

KIID Generator makes generating, approving, and distributing Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) fast and simple. We designed tools to allow clients to quickly review the generated documents and sign them off. Modules within Zeidler Swift are integrated, allowing for documents to move into Fund Governance once approved.

Later we designed a parallel tool to generate EMT documents, similar information but in a more structured format. This format allowed us to suggest smart features including showing only the changes to the document and automatically converting data to a human-readable format for review.

KIID generator tool's UI - a legal tech product design
The EMT generator interface we designed - a legal tech product design

Once documents have been generated they can be disseminated to relevant parties


Global Knowledge Hub provides clients with access to Zeidler's expert knowledge about fund registration requirements across different countries and fund types. We designed and built the product to contain complex long-form articles.

We also experimented with new ways to help clients understand registration requirements, including zBot, a chat interface to answer common client questions. This extracted information from using the data within the Global Knowledge Hub articles.

zBot screen designs - digital product design
Global Knowledge Hub desktop interfaces looking sumptuous - a legal tech product design

Beebop-beep-beep zBot at your service! 🤖


Since we've been working with Zeidler Group their digital platform has expanded massively and is now used by Europe's leading asset managers.

The unified design language we created continues to be expanded and built upon for new products and services.


Products designed

5 years

Working together


Annual revenue growth since Zeidler Swift’s launch

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